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Did you ever want to change your windows 95/98/2000/xp/vista/win7 computer into a LCARS Terminal system?

Now it is possible with the LCARS Terminal program. It will change your windows computer into a LCARS Terminal like on the U.S.S. Enterprise E. With this program you can give your windows computer the look and feel of a LCARS Terminal screen and it is possible to copy files, explore your harddisks, browse the internet, use the control panel, configure your soundcard. Even a complete PADD system is included with Agenda, calendar, Weekly planner, todo list, Notes and Logbook.

New site

May 29th, 2012

I'm working on this new website where all the original files will be available for free of the LCARS Terminal program.

The Lcars-Terminal v2.x with all the science packes are installable. If you have a registration, you can use it with program or you can use the freeware registration below.

Username : FreeWare
Date : 20120529
Code : 421-12186-82776

The Lcars-Terminal v3.x is a begin of the new HTML version. All themes can be made with HTML files. It is not installable and you have to install the Microsoft .Net runtimes. You can use the 2.x registration key to register it.
NOTE: It is not a full version, only the terminal and science module are included.

If you need support, check our Lcars Terminal group on facebook: Click to visit.

Downloads v3.x